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Delivering a world-class experience through a set of companies that drive innovation and challenge traditional delivery models

Leading Powerful Experiences

At XPGroup, we are passionate about constantly accelerating business growth through customer experience innovation, whilst radically enhancing service through our experience and innovation combined with the smart use of powerful technology. We are disruptive and we don’t accept traditional ways of delivering services if we can see potentially better alternatives.

The automotive industry is constantly advancing, and with that, many different industries have moved with the times to revolutionise the processes involved with the day-to-day running of businesses. Our experience in innovating solutions for the automotive industry has allowed us to extend our services beyond the sector, developing intelligent technology to suit a huge range of applications and business ideas.

We pride ourselves on achieving market-leading growth by delivering an unrivalled high-quality customer experience with innovative deployment of technology, automotive solutions and new products and services. Quality and innovation remain at the heart of everything we, as a group of businesses, do.

Expect Smarter

Leadership Team

Our people, philosophy and attitude differentiate us from our competitors. With over 50 years of combined experience in a wide variety of industries and, with help of a proficient and talented workforce, XPGroup has emerged as one of the leaders in both the technology and automotive industries.

The XP Way

By employing, retaining and developing our team against our core values of quality and innovation, we are able to translate and shape our business goals to complement those of our customers. We pride ourselves on our team of talented professionals, who work together, understand our customers, embrace innovation, act with integrity and discipline, aspire to high-quality standards and take personal responsibility for what they are accountable for.

Driving innovation with a vision to succeed

XPGroup of Companies

XPTech are specialists in whole life asset management software and technology, offering a wide range of products to assist with the life of efficiency of your business’s assets and enhance your processes. XPTech’s products allow you to intelligently improve and automate your process, giving you more insight and improving efficiency through simplifying complex processes. Not only are XPTech experts in the technology they provide, but they are committed to supporting partners with the implementation, set up and management of these processes.

XPAuto are proud to be market leaders in logistics and IT for the automotive industry, delivering a world-class customer experience through their extensive range of services. XPAuto work in partnership with you to drive innovation, all whist radically enhancing your service offering through their expertise and vast team of specialists. Their corporate philosophy, values and behaviours are all specifically tailored to enable them to be the number one provider of unique and high quality automotive experiences.

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